A Charity That Actually Does Something

I have to admit that I’m pretty cynical when it comes to many charities. More often than not, only about 15% of the money that gets raised goes to where it was intended. Worse than that, you have organizations such as the American Cancer Society, which has received trillions of dollars over 40 years, that has achieved virtually nothing.

Mankind can put people on the moon, install healthy hearts in patients, create an internet that allows people to communicate for free all over the planet, and build massive underground particle colliders. And yet, there is no cure for cancer.

A Charity That Actually Does Something Useful

If you check out , you will see what a real charity is all about. According to the site:

Diseases from unsafe water and basic lack of sanitation kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war

I’m a big fan of because it actually does something useful. They have raised $40 million dollars since 2006 and they spend every cent on improving source water and sanitation for people that need it the most. They have built over 6,000 projects and provide clean safe water for over 2 million people.….for a project to sink your teeth into that will actually make a difference!

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