Molecular Hydrogen: A New Affordable Alternative

I have never been more excited about drinking water than I am right now.  That is saying something because I have been an avid fan of clean and healthy drinking water for a long time.

What has got me so excited?

A company called Brilliantz (see has recently decided to eliminate their sales team and sell directly to the public.  Instead of keeping the profit earned by eliminating commission payouts, the company dropped their prices by 50%.  The decision is a game changer.

As a long time advocate of “customer value”, the decision by Brilliantz gets a ringing endorsement by me.  Now you can buy the best H2 products on the market for 50% less than the price of Brilliantz’s H2 competitors.  Brilliantz doesn’t pay commissions or referral fees, so you can park any suspicions that you may have about my motive.

There is no point in even discussing a comparison of hydrogen machines versus alkaline water ionizers because even a weak H2 machine is vastly superior to the leading alkaline machines in producing hydrogen enriched water.  Alkaline water ionizers produce lots of H2, but they don’t have any way to diffuse the hydrogen gas created during electrolysis back into the water.  Therefore, most if not all of the H2 created by alkaline water ionizers is lost in the dispensing process, or lost within about 30 seconds of the water being poured into a glass as the H2 bubbles rise to the surface of the water and dissipate into the air.  No matter what claims the alkaline water ionizer companies make, they will never be able to provide hydrogen rich water until they adopt the technology which diffuses the H2 back into the water.

Brilliantz is making enemies 

Brilliantz is going to make a lot of enemies with their “direct to consumer at 50% off” pricing strategy.

H2 companies that pay sales teams or buy in small quantities simply won’t be able to compete.  Profit margins in water equipment are good, but taking a 50% haircut is a move that many H2 companies simply won’t be able to absorb.

The alkaline water ionizer companies charge more for their machines than the H2 companies even though their technology and efficiency can’t compete with hydrogen machines.  The only reason that the alkaline water ionizer industry exists today is because nobody in the H2 industry has made a bold move to promote their products and technology up to this point.  It is difficult to image consumers supporting alkaline water ionizers once they learn the the health benefits come from H2 rather than alkaline water and the alkaline water ionizers are very inefficient at producing hydrogen rich water.

Last but certainly not least, Brilliantz’s decision to eliminate sales commission and referral fees means there is zero financial upside to anyone promoting their products.  That means Brilliantz is going to have to create its market on its own.  I’m a huge fan of what Brilliantz is doing because of the value proposition for the consumer, but you will be hard pressed to find anyone else promoting Brilliantz products.

Brilliantz is making friends

The people at Brilliantz tell me that their sales have quadrupled in the first month of their new business strategy.  That’s pretty cool considering that they have just recently started their new “distributor pricing” strategy, and they no longer have anyone telling their story, and their revenues per item sold have been cut in half.

I’m really happy that Brilliantz is having success.  Consuming H2 is really important for virtually everyone because the diet and lifestyle of most people is not conducive to producing adequate amounts of H2 and it is crucial to good health.   If lower prices is what it takes to get people moving in the right direction, then 3 cheers for Brilliantz.  Hopefully we will see other companies copycat Brilliantz’s new business strategy but I won’t hold my breath.  Competitive companies that want to compete will need to purchase in large quantities, run a really tight ship because of small profit margins, and have advocates willing to promote their products without compensation because it is the right thing to do.  I don’t see too many of that type of people around.

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