Keeping The Hydrogen Water Story On Track

It is very unlikely that you found your way to this article by accident because the average person doesn’t randomly search for articles about the benefits of hydrogen gas. Heck, the number of people in the USA that know anything at all about hydrogen gas is probably about one-in-a-million. Somebody has mentioned hydrogen to you or perhaps you are an enthusiastic early-adapter who scours the health publications. No matter how you found your way here, congratulations are in order because you are entering a journey that can improve your life and the lives of your loved ones.

The potential health benefits of H2 have been demonstrated in over 700 scientific studies and review papers since 2007 and the number of studies is increasing rapidly as scientists around the world are becoming aware of the importance of consuming H2. That seems like a good start.

Rather than diving into the benefits of drinking hydrogen rich water, this article is about responsibility. I am one of a group of non-scientists that believe that it is imperative to safely shepherd the hydrogen story so that the industry doesn’t get tarnished by those who seek to profit at the expense of an uneducated public. Our job is to accurately interpret the scientific findings for H2 and tell the story in terms that people can understand. The scientists in the H2 field are helping us “reporters” to understand their work and they oversee our efforts to make sure that our story telling is scientifically correct. stories.

My passion for taking this on is partly based upon a sense of duty to correct a past “wrong”. The “wrong” that I refer to was my role as one of many who wrote about the benefits of alkaline water going back to 2009. I dug deep into the alkaline story that included a trip to Korea to meet with alkaline water machine manufacturing companies. I was passionate about alkaline water because it helped me with my arthritis and acid reflux. What I didn’t know until 2014 is that the benefits that I experienced came from hydrogen gas “H2”, not from alkaline water. Apologizing to readers for repeating the false claims created by the marketing people hired by the alkaline water industry was humiliating for me. I don’t ever want to have to go through something like that again.

While the scientific community is buzzing about hydrogen gas, the public remains in blissful ignorant of the story. That is about to change as the mainstream media (can you call popular women’s magazines and websites mainstream media?) has already begun to splash hydrogen water (pun intended) stories onto their pages. For example, the April 2017 issue of ELLE magazine includes a two-page spread about hydrogen rich water. Another example would be the popular woman’s health magazine SELF has an article about hydrogen-rich water on their website. The number of articles about hydrogen gas is going to increase rapidly as new findings tend to skyrocketing into popularity before being replaced by the next new “best thing”.

All news, good or bad, is good for business…right?

Not really. False information based upon hype may be good for boosting the profits of a brand or company, but it can be bad for the industry in the long run.

The articles that are beginning to appear have presented a refreshing “devil’s advocate” balance to the hype that the marketing people are spinning on hydrogen gas. However, the writers don’t know much if anything at all about the science so they reach out to “experts”. Unfortunately, in America, the public thinks that doctors are experts in health matters which is rarely true. Regardless, the magazines contact doctors for their opinions. Of course, there is always a good supply of doctors who want to get their names in print as it is good for business.

Unfortunately, the doctors that are being quoted are not the experts. The experts are the people who do the research or study the work of the scientists so they can understand the studies and what the results actually mean.

What do I mean when I say “keep the H2 story on track”?

The H2 story is important. The health benefits are real and range from subtle to profound depending upon the individual and their state of health.

We are protective of maintaining the purity of the science and creating proper education channels. We want people to be able to learn about H2 without having to be hoodwinked by marketing people overstepping the truth. The alkaline water ionizer industry mess based upon phony claims is an example of exactly what we don’t to happen to the hydrogen story.

We take our lead in regards to the maintaining and explaining the purity of H2 science from Tyler LeBaron. Tyler is currently finishing up his Masters degree in Kinesiology at the University of Southern Utah and his intention is to follow that up by working on his PhD in Japan. We recommend that people check out Tyler’s science-based non-profit

The American public attaches great credibility to doctors and studies conducted in America. The flip side to that statement is a strong tendency in America to ridicule anyone without a doctoral degree or any study done outside of the USA. Fortunately, similar bias’ are not shared in the world of academia.

That is a good thing, because take our lead in regards to the maintaining and explaining the purity of H2 science from Tyler LeBaron. Tyler is currently finishing up his Masters degree in Kinesiology at the University of Southern Utah and his intention is to follow that up by working on his PhD in Japan. While Americans may discredit Tyler for not currently holding a doctoral degree, the academics and medical doctors around the world hold Mr. LeBaron in very high esteem as he has trained in Japan and works closely with the leading H2 scientists in the world. In fact, Tylers speaks as a headline speaker at conferences attended by PhD’s and MD’s many times per year all over the world.

2 the processBy that, We hate the idea of a bunch of marketing people hoodwinking the public with claims of fake benefits. Despite

doing this is based upon the humiliation that I felt when I apologized to readers for misleading them in the past about alkaline water. When I was writing about alkaline water, I dug as deeply as I could to find out to the nonbased upon facts and scientific evidence. Anyone that knows my background will know that I advocated the benefits of alkaline water in the past I am one of a group of people that

There is a group of people that care about shepherding the hyThe alkaline water industry over a billion dollars over the past 20 years based upon false benefit claims that have never been verified. While the alkaline water industry was based upon a hoax, the hydrogen gas “H2” industry has been enthusiastically embraced by both the scientific and medical communities for the health benefits that hydrogen infused water provide.

The H2 industry originated in 2010 and Asian sales exceeded a billion dollars in 2015 alone.

Sales of H2 in America and Europe are in their infancy, but that won’t last long as acceptance and awareness of the benefits of H2 among
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