Brown Water Safe to Drink??? Just Ask The Owner

I see reports almost every day on the internet where the President of some water supply company is claiming that the discolored/bad tasting/ foul smelling water that they are providing to their customers is safe to drink. You can read the news item that is the source of this article at:

Today, officials in Malverne in Nassau County, NY are reassuring residents that their rusty, brown water is safe to drink. The say the discoloration is due to naturally occurring iron. William Varley, the President of Long Island American Water tells his 74,000 customers that the brown water doesn’t pose a health hazard. I’m sure that is comforting to the people in Malverne who see the brown water when use their kitchen sink, or run a bath or shower, or wash their clothes.

Of course the Nassau Health Department says Malverne meets state water quality standards, which by the way, covers 90 out of 60,000 contaminants which find their way into the water supply according to the EPA. Even when your water appears to be clear and pure, the fact is that your water is likely full of toxins. The toxins typically include chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine or chloramines that your provider adds to the water.

Don’t reach for bottled water as an alternative, as the price you are paying is a complete rip off. In addition, bottled water is terrible for the environment and there is a very good chance that it may not be any safer than your tap water. Bottled water won’t have a brown color of course, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have other issues. When it comes to water, what you can’t see may hurt you.

Purifying your own tap water allows you to be sure that your water is safe to drink. Relying upon your municipality or water supplier may not always prove to be in your best interests.

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