Faulty Test Analysis Creates Improper Conclusions

I have been receiving a lot of calls and emails about the new Antioxidant Filter technology as many people are interest in a low cost alternative to electric water ionizers. A number of callers have mentioned the test results that Cathie LoGrasso posted on her website www.alkalinewaterplus.com

Cathie has a great deal of experience with ionized water and she works hard to make her website informative. Her site indicates that she has been drinking alkaline water for 18 years. That makes her a true pioneer in this part of the world because water ionizers have only been available in North America for eleven years.

Cathie performed a comparative test on an Alkastream unit supplied by Ian Hamilton a few months ago as part of his beta testing program and some typical electric water ionizers. The results for the Alkastream were excellent in terms of providing comparable results for pH and ORP to a number of electric water ionizers.

The Test

Cathie performed a perfectly legitimate and fair test whereby she took measurements of the output for pH and ORP for several machines. She then sealed and stored the undisturbed jars of water produced from each machine on a counter for a week before testing again.

Cathie wanted to know if the Antioxidant Filter machines that produce Hydrogen Ions would maintain their pH and ORP values better than the conventional electric water ionizers. The natural Hydrogen Ion producers such as the Alkastream or Hydrogen sticks claim that they add minerals to the water which create natural ionization. The natural/stable ionization is supposed to be long lasting as the bonds between the hydrogen and oxygen uncouple due to the stronger attraction of magnesium to oxygen, thereby leaving free hydrogen ions. Electric water ionizers use electrolysis to create strong temporary ionization by means of forming two separate streams of water that contain a concentration of either hydrogen ions or hydroxyl ions.

When Cathie tested the results of the water from the various machines a week later, she found that the levels of pH and ORP from her favorite water ionizer water deteriorated less than from the Alkastream.

Faulty Analysis of Honest Test Results

Cathie surmised that electric water ionizers actually perform better over time.

I’m sure that Cathie treated each of the test results fairly. As such, I can’t refute her results.

But here is where it gets interesting for me. If you take a sample of ionized water and leave it essentially sealed off from air and undisturbed, of course the results are going to remain stable. If Cathie had shaken each of jars or left them open to air, I’m fairly certain based upon hundreds of my own tests that the ORP results from the electric water ionizers would have shown a tremendous drop off while the results from the Alkastream would have remained much more stable.

So what does this mean? Well, I can’t think of a real life situation other than possibly going camping where I would want to store water undisturbed for a week. In my world, if I take water with me, it is in the car, or to the gym, or for some outdoor activity. Either way, the water is getting jostled around.

What I’m looking for is water that works, and both kinds of water work. I’m also looking for a solution that will maintain its level of output for a few minutes, or a few hours at most. I never think about storing water in an undisturbed container for a week, because if water sits for more than a few minutes, I throw it out and get a fresh glass.

If I’m using my electric water ionizer, I always try to drink the water in the first ten seconds so that I can ingest all the hydrogen ions that form bubbles. After about ten seconds, the hydrogen bubbles float to the surface and disappear when they interact with the air. If I’m going out, or taking water to bed or to my home office, I always choose the Antioxidant filter.

This discussion is by no means an attempt to discredit Cathie’s work. I like the honest effort that she puts into her work and I believe she performed the tests fairly and without any perceived bias. That puts her light years ahead of some of the garbage on the internet from companies claiming that their sites offer unbiased analysis when in fact they are simply sales tools.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.

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  1. Hi Rob,

    I sent Cathie one of Ian’s machines a few months ago for testing and evaluation. I completely agree with you that Cathie did a very good job of testing the water and performing a fair evaluation. There were no ulterior motives to what she did.

    However, after several phone calls and emails back and forth, I realized the crux of her conclusion stemmed from a lack of understanding about what the alkaStream offered and the water it created. The same thing would have happened if she tested any of the new non-electric options.

    It’s like comparing apples to oranges.

    Some of the old school ionizer types get it and some don’t. I didn’t at first. It’s taken me months of thinking, reading, and talking with others more wise in the ways of chemistry and alkalinity. Some can’t yet see beyond the meters and power and ORP hype. Some may just need more time…others may never let go of what they’ve believe.

    And that’s fine. Electrically produced water is beneficial and has been for decades. But everything evolves. Rotary phones, 53 chevy’s, and black and white TV were great…and they will still work today.

    But I like what those things have led to better.

    • Hi Gabe:

      My condolences in regards to the end of the tournament today for the Jayhawks. As a lifetime Maple Leafs fan, I know all about disappointment.

      I expect it will take time for the players in the water ionizer industry to accept that the non-electric water ionizers are the future of the industry. I agree with you that many will have a difficult time in adjusting to the new technology and other will never allow themselves to accept the shift. A perfect example of this type of thinking can be seen in the vast majority of Enagic Dealers who cling to their belief system despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

      I believe that you guys at Alkastream have found a price point that will allow for mainstream acceptance of ionized water. I also think you will have to look beyond the water ionizer industry people to spread the word.

  2. “I never think about storing water in an undisturbed container for a week, because if water sits for more than a few minutes, I throw it out and get a fresh glass.” Why, sir?

    Thanks :)

    • Ivan:

      Are you writing a book or selling water ionizers or what? You ask me multiple questions every day.

      I don’t know who wrote the quote in your comment but it is interesting. In a perfect world, I would drink the water produced by an electric or natural water ionizer withing seconds of it being produced so that I would then be consuming the maximum amount of molecular hydrogen. H2 is lighter than water which means it rises to the surface in a container of water. The H2 dissipates as soon as it interacts with air.

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