Weight Loss – waterhealthcare.com.au – John Curran

Prostate cancer and stress August 2010 I went on the Ionized water just to help get over a stressful time after hearing I had cancer cells in my prostrate. After …Continue reading »

Sports – Ray Giles – World Champion Profession Trainer, Coach & Conditioner – waterhealthcare.com.au

Outstanding results for Athletes as seen by professional trainer Personally I have never feel better since I started drinking ionized water. I feel so much more alert and sharper. It’s …Continue reading »

Sports – Kelly Anne Erdman – Dietician for Many Canadian Olympic Teams & Calgary Flames

” The high performance athletes that I work with are constantly stressing their bodies through the rigours of daily strenuous training.  As part of our Sports Science Team, we are …Continue reading »

Sports – Malcolm Howard – Olympic Gold Medallist – Rowing

” As an elite athlete, I have to do everything I can to be in the best possible health so I can do the training necessary to be a champion.  …Continue reading »

Sports – Simon Whitfield – Olympic Gold Medallist – Triathalon

” Water, so critical yet always overlooked.   Here I was doing everything I could to prepate to compete at the highest level in my sport, at the Olympic games, and …Continue reading »

Sports – Clara Hughes – 6 Time Olympic Medallist – Cycling & Skating

“While preparing for a recent World Cup event in Holland (in November 2008), I was introduced to the benefits of ionized water by a therapist. I discovered that many other …Continue reading »

Esophagus- waterionizer.org – Melvin

I will start by saying I was a little skeptical about the concept of water ionization, but given a 60 day money back guarantee what could I lose. I figured …Continue reading »

Hydration – waterionizer.org – Angela

“Since more than three years I am drinking the ionized water and I am so much enjoying it. I never used to drink a lot of water, because I simply …Continue reading »

Hydration – waterionizer.org – Dan

“I can taste the water. I can tell it’s ionized because I know what water is supposed to taste like. When we first tasted it we really knew this was …Continue reading »

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