Skin – Calgary, AB

My skin has been itchy for the past two years. While not life threatening, it was driving me crazy. I used the Tyent acid water for two weeks, and the …Continue reading »

Skin – Calgary, AB

My message therapist recently asked me what I was doing differently, as he said my skin was changing quickly. I told him I was drinking alkaline water and he told …Continue reading »

Skin (Sores) – Camrose, AB

I have had open sores (skin ulcers) on my shins for many years. My condition improved a bit when I started eating a more alkaline diet. When I started drinking …Continue reading »

Skin (Rash) – Mississauga, ON

I work in a high end fitness centre and the skin rashes on my arms were both annoying and an embarrassment. I tried two different prescriptions, but didn’t have any …Continue reading »

Sleep Disorder – Saskatoon, SK

I was waking up 4 or 5 times every night, which meant that I was always tired. I had a prescription filled for sleeping pills, but before I tried the …Continue reading »

Weight Loss – Mississauga, ON

My waistline measurement dropped from a 32 to a 28 in a couple of months when I started drinking alkaline water instead of Gatorade and the frozen juice mixes. JQ, Ontario

Cancer (Liver) Quebec

My patient had just been told by his oncologist that there was nothing more that they could do, and that palliative care had been ordered. I had been researching alkaline …Continue reading »

Acid Reflux – Calgary, AB

No more heartburn! J.M. Calgary

Acid Reflux – Surrey, BC

I have suffered from acid reflux for more than ten years. I have taken both prescription and over-the-counter medicines over the years, but I didn’t like the side effects, and …Continue reading »

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