Dr. Robert Young: Stomach Acid and Alkaline Water

It is great to see that Dr. Young has provided an intelligent response to the self-serving nonsense published by Dr. Mercola in regards to alkaline water.  Dr. Young has written about the function of the stomach and the important role that an alkaline diet or drinking alkaline water plays.  Unlike Dr. Mercola, I believe that Dr. Young actually writes his own material.  Dr. Young has a research staff who provides him with research and background material, but the man actually writes his own articles.  

I have a difference of opinion than Dr. Young on a couple of the things that he talks about.  He mentions that you should drink 1 liter of water each day for each 50 pounds that you weigh.  That is a lot of water for a person that weighs 200 pounds.  I don’t think you need to drink that much water, but it certainly won’t hurt to drink that much.  He also recommends drinking water with a pH of at least 9.5 while I wouldn’t drink water any stronger that 9.5.  In fact, if you are advanced in years or if you have health issues, my experience in talking to many others would be that you should drink water be in the pH range of 8.0 to 9.0, especially in the early stages of being on the water.  It is really important for everyone to start slowly to avoid headaches, or flu like symptoms, or even diarrhea.  Other than those differences… go Doc!

If you have been questioning the benefit of using a water ionizer because of the fluff published by the likes of Dr. Mercola or Stephen Lower, please read the article below “written by Dr. Robert Young”. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Is There A Need For Hydrochloric Acid In The Stomach?

Last week Dr. Joseph Mercola made several statements concerning the negative affects of drinking alkaline water.

According to Dr. Mercola drinking alkaline water is of no value because it will be minimized by the hydrochloric acid of the stomach.

That’s exactly the point Mercola! You want to minimize the hydrochloric acid residues in the stomach!!!!

Of course what Mercola does not explain is the biochemistry of the digestive system and especially the stomach. The facts are that for every molecule of hydrochloric acid produced in the stomach an equal amount of sodium bicarbonate is produced by the cover cells. The equation is as follows: NaCl + H20 + CO2 = NaHCO3 + HCL.

The stomach pulls sodium, chloride, water and carbon dioxide to make sodium bicarbonate, an alkalizing compound with the waste product of hydrochloric acid.

The stomach will always produce sodium bicarbonate to alkalize the food we eat or the liquids we drink to prepare the food and drink for biological transformation into stem cells in the crypts of the small intestine. The more acidic the food or drink the more sodium bicarbonate will be produced to buffer the acids of the food or drink. This of course leaves you with a belly full of acid which leads to all sorts of stomach disorders including the acidifying of the blood and then tissues.

The stomach does not need to produce any sodium bicarbonate when we are eating or drinking alkalizing foods or alkaline drinks, including electron rich alkaline water.

The key here to remember is this: the stomach is NOT an organ of digestion but an organ of contribution and its main contribution is to alkalize the food and drink we ingest.

You want to drink electron rich alkaline water to neutralize or buffer the hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

The stomach is NOT an organ of digestion but an organ designed to alkalize the acids from food and metabolism.

Bottom-line the best thing you can do to support the stomach is to drink electron rich alkaline water with a pH of at least 9.5 or better. You will be preventing serious stomach disorders and preparing the food and drink for its ideal pH in the small intestine at 8.4 for biological transformation into stems cells in the crypts of the small intestine.

My best advise is to drink at least 1 liter of 9.5 pH alkaline electron rich water for every 50 pounds of weight. You will be hydrating, alkalizing and energizing your body. There is nothing more important than drinking alkaline electron rich water

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  1. We just bought a water filtration system that makes alkaline water and we LOVE it! We live just east of Los Angeles so it was important to us to invest in a water system that will benefit the health of my family for years. We were especially excited because we were able to find an affordable water unit through Water Revolution (https://www.water-revolution.com/California) that alkalizes and filters the water for us (under the sink and without need of electricity). Also, they make their systems in North Carolina…Yay for creating jobs in the U.S.! Thanks for posting your article and the link to Dr. Young’s article!

    • Hi Amber:

      Thanks for stopping by and putting in a good word for the Revolutionizer. Cool pic on the home page of your website.

  2. In my particular case, I have to agree with Dr. Mercola. I tried high quality alkaline water for 5-6 weeks. Within a few weeks of drinking it, I developed major digestive issues, including borborygmus (major grumbling and rumbling) in response to every morsel of food I ate. I didn’t put two and two together until my health practitioner told me I was low in hydrochloric acid. I stopped the water and within a few days the problem went away completely. No alkaline water for me!

    • Hi Catherine:

      Thanks for your input.

      I switch the pH levels and the amount of ionized water that I drink during the day and from day to day. I ended up not drinking ionized water for a couple of weeks in July and my joints all started to show signs of arthritis. Four years ago, before drinking ionized water, I had really bad arthritis and it has disappeared completely when I drank the .water. So, it looks like the water doesn’t “cure” arthritis, but it certainly made my go away for years as long as I drank the water.

  3. Why do I get cramps in my fingers & toes after drinking 9.5. ph water? I should mention I have hep c with liver cancer. I have the Oz water filter machine. Should I maybe try 9.0 ? I’ve been paying attention after I drink 9.5 & that’s when I get the cramps. Any input on this would be appreciated. Sincerely, Brenda Adams

    • Hi Brenda:

      I’m not a doctor, and I’m not going to speculate. I get tired of reading all the claims I see about ionized water on the internet.

      What I think I know is that most people are Mg. deficient and the side effects are nasty. I’m reading a book called the Magnesium Miracle written by Dr. Carolyn Dean which I highly recommend to anyone. She is both a MD and a ND which I believe is an ideal combination.

    • Hi Brenda, Re: your cancer, are you aware of Cannabis Oil and Vitamin B17 ? These 2 treatments will kill any cancer. That’s why they are both illegal in the US and Canada.
      I wish you all the best.


      • Hi Les:

        That’s a pretty bold statement and one that I certainly wouldn’t make. Nothing fixes everything.

  4. I have been drinking alkaline water for the past few months after buying a very popular (and expensive) machine. I’ve been struggling with an autoimmune disease and related health issues, which is why I bought the machine. I recently learned I have SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), which may be a result of low stomach acid and I can’t help but wonder if drinking all this alkaline water is contributing toward low stomach acidity? In my case I need more HCL to ensure that food is not fermenting in my small intestine, feeding my SIBO. I would love your thoughts.

    • Hi Danica:

      I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. Somehow, your comment got past me.

      I’m not a doctor and I don’t know the details of your case or the results of your test.

      I’m not familiar with SIBO but I will look into it. I don’t know if the water or even the level of stomach acid has anything to do with SIBO. Can you find how long you might have had SIBO? Can you get tested for the level of acid that your stomach is producing. Does your doctor recommend a PPI (protein pump inhibitor)? Lots of questions.

      I spent a couple of years trouble shooting and repairing water ionizers about 6 years ago. I found that the strategy was to check the easiest solutions first and go from there. In that light, perhaps you might want to start with reducing the pH level of the water you drink and or reducing amount of water you drink and seeing if the changes have any effect.

      I would definitely consult and work with your physician on this one.

      The water may or may not have anything to do with SIBO and

  5. I’ve had a good alkaline machine for a couple of months and notice that I sometimes struggle to digest food. (its as if it just stays in my stomach too long) – perhaps I’m drinking the water (9-9.5) too close to mealtime?

    Also what do you mean by “biological transformation into stems cells in the crypts of the small intestine.” I though the acid helps break down the food into smaller particles preparing it so that it can be absorbed in the small intestine through enterocytes?

    • Hi Suzanne:

      Don’t drink the water for half an hour before or after meals and definitely not with the meals. See how that works. If you are still struggling, perhaps you can expand the times to one hour.

      I don’t believe I have written anything about the biological transformation into stem cells in the crypts o the small intestine. I have not done any research in that area.

  6. BAWHAHAHAHA! This is such utter trash! I suggest you get a lesson in anatomy and physiology!!

  7. While I HAVE heard good things about alkalinized water, I have to agree with Robbie. Bicarb is produced by the pancreas and released into the small intestine. This article is incorrect and is being used to support the use of alkaline water via fallacies.

    • Hi Julie and Robbie:

      While I was initially fooled by Robert Young’s article, it did start me investigating bicarbonate. I learned very quickly that Robert Young’s reasoning was rubbish. Upon learning that information, it soon became apparent that Mr. Young has a history of…..how should I say this….reshaping science to accommodate his needs.

      It is never fun “piling on” but for those that want to know what Robert Young is up to these days, here is a link: https://www.gofundme.com/helpdryoungnow

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